Springfield is a company specialized in nutraceuticals, food supplements with science based, proven efficacy.
Since 1998 we regularly introduce supplements with unique properties and added value. We keep on searching for the best possible solutions, that nature provides, to help people feel and get better.

“Health through Nature, Science and Innovation”

That is our credo. Our supplements are being reviewed in several studies conducted by leading scientists. Dozens of studies have been published in scientific journals. This provides doctors and therapists with information about the effects of the supplements and proven evidence of what results to expect.
Springfield introduces safe nutraceuticals, which have a noticeable and / or measurable efficacy. Prevention and maintaining good health by using nutritional supplements are also important goals.

Well-being and attention

The well-being and attention for people are important criteria. The founders of Springfield Nutraceuticals (Christa and Peter van Hogerhuis) believe personal attention is important, both for consumers, therapists as well as for retailers.

Springfield is a registered brand name in Europe and ever-increasing numbers of our supplements are finding their way to users in many countries. We have been the first to introduce a number of patented, unique food supplements to markets around Europe. Practically all key supplements from Springfield’s product range are based on human studies.

A number of research areas involving Springfield products are:

•  Memory
•  Learning and behavioral problems
•  Specific bladder problems
•  Chronic fatigue syndrome
•  Endometriosis
•  Immune function

Do you want to stay informed?

In the coming years we expect to further expand the proof of the benefits of our supplements with more promising research.
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