Alfa-Liponzuur antioxidant

Alpha lipoic acid
100 & 200mg


60 V-capsules

Article number
29120 & 29121

Alpha lipoic acid


Alpha lipoic acid is a sulfur containing fatty acid that is both water and fat soluble.
Lipoic acid is produced naturally in the body and is considered as an essential coenzyme.

Alpha lipoic acid is synthesized in the body in very small quantities and it is bound to the cell wall. As a result of this, there is very little free lipoic acid available.

  • Directions of use

    1 to 2 capsules daily with or after a meal.
    Do not exceed the advised dosage, unless otherwise advised.

    A food supplement does not substitute for a varied diet and healthy lifestyle. Store in a cool dry place, out of reach of young children.

  • Ingredients
    •  Alpha lipoic acid 100mg
    •  Alpha lipoic acid 200mg
  • Ingredient declaration

    Alpha lipoic acid 200mg, celluloses, silicium dioxide, magnesium stearate.

  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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