& D-Ribose


60 V-capsules 500 mg RiaGev™ &
60 SR-tablets 760 mg

Article number
27224 & 27225

nicotinamide* & D-Ribose


CerNADin with RiaGev™ – Nicotinamide* & D-Ribose
*Activates the natural energy in the body

CerNADin contains nicotinamide and d-ribose in a specific formulation from Bioenergy Life Science, USA (RiaGev™). This combination of nutrients has a powerful synergistic effect together.


Nicotinamide – a form of Vitamin B3 – helps activate your natural energy. Vitamin B3 supports the normal functioning of the nervous system and contributes to the functioning of the memory.


D-ribose is a monosaccharide, a simple sugar. Ribose is a constituent of our muscles and therefore occurs throughout our body. Under normal circumstances, ribose in the body can be made from glucose. This is a relatively slow process. D-ribose is the active D-form of ribose. Only the D-shape occurs in nature. Ribose is quickly absorbed after consumption and reaches its highest concentration in the blood after about 45 minutes.

Both ingredients are involved in ATP production, which is a source of energy in the body.

Patent pending for efficient formation of NAD+, the biologically active coenzyme form of vitamin B3 in body cells.

  • Directions of use

    CerNADin V-capsules
    1 capsule, once or twice daily, preferably before or during a meal.

    Do not exceed the recommended daily intake/dose.

    Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.
    Keep out of reach of young children.
    Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and heat.

  • Ingredients

    Ingredients CerNADin V-capsule
    500 mg RiaGev™ – provides:
    •  320 mg d-ribose
    •  060 mg nicotinamide (vitamin B3) = 375% NRV**

    Ingredients CerNADin SR tablet
    760 mg RiaGev™ – voorziet in:
    •  600 mg D-Ribose
    •  160 mg nicotinamide (vitamine B3) = 1000% NRV**

    **Nutrient Reference Value

  • Ingredient declaration

    CerNADin V-capsules
    500 mg RiaGev™ (provides: 320 mg d-ribose, 60 mg nicotinamide (vitamin B3*)), Stabilizer (palm oil, capsule: HPMC).

    CerNADin SR tablets
    600 mg D-Ribose, V-wax, 160 mg nicotinamide, stearidonic acid, magnesium stearate, silicium.

  • Interactions and warnings

    Use with caution in combination with metformin. Nicotinamide may reduce the effect of metformin.

    Because the effects of increasing NAD+ in cancer are not yet well known and researched we advise not to use this supplement if you have cancer.

    Nicotinamide is a flush-free form of vitamin B3.

  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Do you have a question? Send an email to – we are happy to inform you!

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