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sitosteroline 100:1


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Moducare sterols & sterolins


Optimal effect of a special mix of plant sterols & sterolins

Plant sterols are fats found in small amounts in many food crops, medicinal herbs and other higher plant species, especially as beta-sitosterol with 1% sterolins. Its chemical structure resembles cholesterol. The sitosteroline is the glucoside form of sitosterol. Sitosteroline enhances the effect of sitosterol.

Moducare contains a patented composition of beta-sitosterol and the glucoside form sitosteroline in the special, natural ratio of 100: 1. The combination of both sterols has a greater effect, with the 100:1 ratio being the most optimal.

The sources of these nutrients are the maritime pine (Pinus pinaster) and pine (Pinus maritima). These plant sterols and sterolins are absorbed in the small intestine and then transported to the cell membranes, where they are active to support your defenses through their modulating activity.

Start on time and hold on!

To achieve an optimal effect it is important to start using Moducare well in advance.
Use Moducare at least 3 months before evaluating whether it is effective.
Moducare can be used for longer periods.

  • Directions of use

    During the first week: 3 times a day 2 capsules.
    After that: 3 times a day 1 capsule.
    Preferably 1 hour before or 2 hours after a meal.

    Do not exceed the recommended daily intake/dose.

    Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.
    Keep out of reach of young children.
    Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and heat.

  • Ingredients
    • 20 mg (plant) sterols (beta-sitosterol)
    • 0,2 mg sterolins (beta-sitosteroline)
  • Ingredient declaration

    Filler (cellulose); Stabilizer (capsule: HPMC); beta-sitosterol, beta-sitosteroline.

  • Interactions and warnings

    Not known.

    Moducare is not recommended for transplant patients.
    Because the effects of Moducare on the unborn child and infants are unknown, use during pregnancy and breastfeeding is not recommended.
    Do not use in sitosterolaemia.


  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Can Moducare be used with other supplements or medicines?

    There are no known interactions with Moducare and dietary supplements. There is no conclusive evidence for an interaction with medication. When in doubt, always consult an expert.

    Does Moducare have side effects?

    Long-term studies involving 25,000 people have not shown significant side effects. In addition, standard toxicology studies, preclinical testing and clinical observations have not found any adverse effects.

    Who should not use Moducare?

    The use of Moducare is not recommended for transplant patients. Recipients of a synthetic replacement / reconstruction (eg artificial hip or knee, pacemaker) can safely use Moducare. People with sitosterolaemia should not use Moducare. Sitosterolaemia is a very rare metabolic disease in which sterols build up in the blood. As the effects of Moducare on the unborn child and infants are unknown, use during pregnancy and breast-feeding is not recommended. When in doubt, always consult an expert.

    Do we get enough sterols and sterolins with a healthy diet?

    Unfortunately, many of the sterolins in vegetables are lost during preparation, but also during freezing. And it is precisely the combination of sterols and sterolins that ensures the effectiveness of Moducare. But even if we were to absorb enough sterols and sterolins through our daily diet, less than 5% of them are absorbed by our body. This is because the fats – which contain sterols and sterolins – are bound to the fibers of the vegetable. In Moducare the sterols and sterolins are immediately available for absorption.

    Can you be allergic to Moducare?

    An allergic reaction is extremely unlikely. Moducare contains only the isolated molecules of the sterols and sterolins extracted from pine trees (Pinus Maritima and Pinus Pinaster). Nothing of the original plant can be found in the final product. If you are concerned, start slowly with half or one capsule a day. In addition, Moducare contains no artificial colors, preservatives, sweeteners or salicylates. It also contains no soy, sugar, acacia, barley, wheat, corn, millet, dairy, lactose, yeast, gluten, or other common allergens.

    Sterols, including cholesterol, belong to the same large family of steroids, but they don’t have the negative effects often associated with steroids. Each member of the steroid family has a different activity and only a few have negative effects.

    Is Moducare the same as pine bark extract?

    No. Pine bark, also called OPC or Pycnogenol, is an antioxidant and works differently in the body than vegetable fats such as in Moducare. They are both phytonutrients, which means that they come from plants, but with a different effect.

    How long will it take to expect results?

    As is often the case with dietary supplements, it can take a while before a change occurs. Although some people may notice a difference before then, we recommend that you take Moducare for two to three months before evaluating whether it is effective for you.

    How should Moducare be used?

    Adults: three times a day one capsule or two capsules when you get up and one capsule before going to sleep. For best results, take with water or juice between meals on an empty stomach.

    Children: One capsule per day for children under 5 years old, two capsules per day for children between 5 and 12 years old. Children over 12 years old can use the adult dose.

    For those who have difficulty swallowing; the capsule can be opened and the contents mixed with some applesauce or other fruit. When you first start using Moducare, it is advisable to take a double dose for the first week. This allows the body to build up reserves as quickly as possible.

    Should Moducare be taken on an empty stomach?

    Yes, half an hour before or two hours after a meal for maximum absorption. However, it can also be taken with fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds. The main thing is not to take it at the same time as animal fats (meat, fish, dairy, eggs, seafood, etc.). Animal fats contain cholesterol, which has a similar molecular structure to the plant sterols. When plant sterols and cholesterol enter the body at the same time, they compete, as it were, to be absorbed.

    Moducare does not necessarily have to be taken on an empty stomach, as long as the food (or drink) does not contain cholesterol.


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